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Welcome to Bathroom Magic, of Oklahoma City. Douglas and Linda Ball purchased this business in 1988, and their son Jared and his wife Jessica have taken over this year. We maintain an integrity in our workmanship that is unmatched, and we’ve been in business longer than any other reglazing company in town. We hope we can answer your questions, and please feel free to email or call us.

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We ask you to please keep in mind the different shapes and sizes of some tubs and sinks. While 90% of the bathroom items fall into these prices, there are some that do not. We have seen bathtubs that, while in length, were a standard 60 inches, but in height, they were six inches taller than average. While most sinks, square or round, are a standard price, we have seen tops that are three feet wide. Fiberglass enclosures and shower stalls come in all different shapes and sizes. So please do not get upset if your item falls into this ten percent. Chances are, your item is much, much rarer than most and therefore worth more by itself!

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