We back up everything we do with a 5 year guarantee, with no limit on how many repairs you may receive. Should you need ten, (and that hasn’t happened yet!) that’s what you’ll get. We guarantee that the glaze will never peel up, crack, or flake. We use a glaze that, at our cost, is $300 a gallon! Yes, you read that correctly. That’s why we are so confident in what we do. Between the hard work we provide, the genuine, one-and-only products we use, and the fact that we own the business AND do the work, you can rest assured that our product and service are going to last. We’ve been around for 30 years. And we plan on staying.

Did you happen to see our article in the Tulsa World? Check it out below, and please, feel free to ask ANY questions! Talk to you soon!


• Standard Size Bathtub:

white: $350 – colored: $375

• Stripping off paint, up to but not more than:


• Open Ended Tub (walls on 2 sides):

white $395 – colored $420

• Garden/Jacuzzi (jetted) Tub, some are smaller, call for estimate:

white ~$650 – colored ~$675

• Clawfooted Tub, inside only:

white $395 – colored $420

• Clawfooted Tub, in and out:

white $595 – colored $620

(sandblasting AND clawfeet are included in above price)


• Single bowl, with other work being done also:

white $165 – colored $165

• Stripping off old paint: $45-65

• Pedestal Sink, top only: $245

• Pedestal Sink, top and pedestal:

$325 stripping: $45-125

• Antique Kitchen Sink, Double Basin

$295-325 Triple Basin: $325-375 

With Drain Boards: $375-475


Fiberglass Enclosures:

white $595 – colored $625

Shower Stalls:

white $525 – colored $595

Tile around bathtub (not up to ceiling)

white $375 – colored 500

Tile around bathtub (up to ceiling)

white $475 – call for estimate

Fiberglass Foam Repairs: $330

(needed when your shower or fiberglass enclosure has a crack in the bottom or sides and requires support and repair to stop leaking.)

Shower Pan:

white $295 – colored $395

Countertops: call for estimate

Specklecoating: call for estimate

We ask you to please keep in mind the different shapes and sizes of some tubs and sinks. While 90% of the bathroom items fall into these prices, there are some that do not. We have seen bathtubs that, while in length, were a standard 60 inches, but in height, they were six inches taller than average. While most sinks, square or round, are a standard price, we have seen tops that are three feet wide. Fiberglass enclosures and shower stalls come in all different shapes and sizes. So please do not get upset if your item falls into this ten percent. Chances are, your item is much, much rarer than most and therefore worth more by itself!

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